Ryan is the Vice Curator of the Global Shapers Calgary Hub! Learn more about him below, and check out his Shaper profile, here.

Getting to Know Ryan

Name: Ryan Stasynec

Position/Employer: Associate, Corporate Banking, RBC Capital Markets

Other community involvement: Chair, Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra Wolfgang Patrons Program; Leadership Team Member, Alberta Mentoring Partnership

Tell us something interesting about yourself: Playing the piano was a hobby of mine growing up, and I played in the orchestra for a production of Les Miserables in high school.  Les Miserables is unique in that it contains no unaccompanied dialogue and one song moves seamlessly into the next.  With nearly two hours of continuous playing, it felt at times like running a marathon, although it was an incredible experience!

You & Shapers

When did you join Global Shapers? April 2016

What made you interested in joining the Shapers team?  Hearing about the Hub from a colleague, I thought it would be an incredible opportunity to connect with a motivated and passionate group of young people who would challenge perspectives, discuss tough global issues and support each other in making a collective community impact.  We have some amazing young leaders in our group, and it’s hard not to leave meetings energized and inspired.

What do you hope to achieve through your involvement in Global Shapers?  I look at Global Shapers as a vehicle through which members can connect, share ideas and drive positive change both locally and internationally.  Through my involvement in this movement, I hope to learn as much as I can from fellow Shapers and collaborate in community building projects that seek to fill underserved gaps in our community.

What are the current projects you are involved in, and why?  I’m the Vice Curator and HR Director for the Hub, so have been very focused this past year on foundational pieces including recruitment, member engagement and drafting our Hub’s constitution.  Mentoring has long been a passion for me along with many other members of our Chapter, so I coordinated a Meet the Leaders event to explore ways that Global Shapers can help advance mentoring in Calgary.

You & The Community of Calgary

What brought you to Calgary?  I came to Calgary after graduating university to work in the finance sector.  Finance is very centralized, and there are only a few cities in Canada that have sizeable corporate and investment banking industries, of which Calgary is one.

What do you appreciate most about our City?  I love the energy, collaborative approach and the “can do” spirit of the city.  Calgary is a young community with many individuals having moved here to start a career.  While we have a reputation as a “Western town” on account of our annual Stampede, I find Calgary has become increasingly diverse and cosmopolitan over the past several years.  Everyone brings different ideas coloured by where they come from, and Calgary is a very conducive environment to trying out something new.

Name one of the biggest issues facing Calgarians right now?  A significant economic recession is affecting every part of life in the city right now.  Social services agencies are facing increasing demands on their programs at a time when funding and donations have come down.  It’s been extremely encouraging, however, to see the response from the community both acknowledging the challenges we’re facing and stepping up to fill the gap in terms of time, talent and treasure.

What issue are you working to tackle in our community, or what is next on your docket?  My interest in mentoring stems from the fact that it can positively impact diverse areas including social policy, employment, mental health and justice.  I would like to find ways to bring mentoring front and centre in the discussion as we look to address challenges in our community, particularly those that relate to young people.