Duncan is one of our newest shapers! Learn more about him below, and check out his Shaper profile, here.

Getting to Know Duncan

Full Name: Duncan Melville

Position/Employer: Consultant, Boston Consulting Group

Other community involvement: Involved in a variety of initiatives with the United Way

Tell us something interesting about yourself: I used to fly planes as a volunteer pilot in the Royal Air Force (UK)

Duncan's Connection to Global Shapers

When did you join Global Shapers? December 2016

What interested you in joining Global Shapers? To be able to engage and share ideas in a forum that provides a voice to young people.

What are the current projects you are involved in, and why? I was able to join just in time to help with the holiday micro project.

What do you hope to achieve through Global Shapers? I hope to have really "moved the needle" on impact philanthropy in the City of Calgary, more specifically have assisted local agencies in measuring and tracking their impact and to have helped funnel donations accordingly.

Duncan & Calgary

Is Calgary your hometown? It is now (originally from Scotland, via Toronto)

What do you like best about our City? The clean air and friendly people

What do you think is the biggest issue facing Calgarians right now? Diversification of the city's workforce, population, economy, and mindset

What issue do you want to tackle next in our community? Creating a more sustainable and effective service-delivery model for Calgary's NPO sector through selective consolidation.

If you would like to get in touch with Duncan, meet for coffee, or propose a project, get in touch with us and we'll connect you.