Could You Do It?

It's already been a long and cold winter for us here in Calgary - and it's only January. 

It will come to no surprise to you, that winter is an especially difficult time for those living in poverty to survive. Temperatures dip, shelters fill up, and the donations coming in post-holidays can be minimal. 

Poverty can impact each of us, and it is unique in its display across the towns and cities of Canada. It creates difficult decisions, even for things most of us take for granted daily.

This year, the United Way is working to change the perspective on poverty, with their interactive web feature, By selecting a city, the website puts you in the shoes of those living in poverty there. You can simulate the life of a single person, single parent, or two parent family, and get a real idea of what it takes to make the month.

It is a bit of a choose your own adventure - only, the choices you make determine how you will live for the month, and what you can afford. Consider food, transportation, connections with colleagues, education, shelter, and more. Will you be able to extend your income to make it?

The first step, is to test it out and discover what life in poverty can be like. And the second, is to determine what you're going to do to help fix this problem.