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Getting to know Chris

Name: Chris Dumont

Position/Employer: Associate Director/ATB Financial

Other community involvement: I help organize events with Young Professional in Energy and I help advise high school students run a business through the Company Program with Junior Achievement

Tell us something interesting about yourself: I lived in the Philippines for a year. 

Chris's Connection to Global Shapers

When did you join Global Shapers? October 2016

What interested you in joining the shapers team? The global perspective of the organization in addition the differences made locally made it really appealing to me. I feel it’s important to give back and the diversity and various backgrounds of each shaper inspires me to do more.

What do you hope to achieve through your involvement in Global Shapers? I want to make a lasting impact on Calgary by adopting best practices from other hubs.

What are the current projects you are involved in, and why? Currently doing research on a drug addiction project; it’s a personal project and something that hits close to home. 

Chris & Calgary

What brought you to Calgary? I came to Calgary to advance my career.

What do you appreciate most about our City? While it’s not Vancouver or Toronto I feel it’s a nice mix between the two. It’s still a major city and one of the best in Canada; the mountains are an hour away; it’s warmer here in the winter than most of Canada; there are lots of hiking trails and it’s an affordable place to live with great job opportunities.

Name one of the biggest issues facing Calgarians right now? I feel that unemployment and everything that comes along with that is affecting the City in more ways than one. The crime rate is up, drug use is up, and a lot of families are suffering.

What issue are you working to tackle in our community, or what is next on your docket? I’m currently organizing a speaker event that will be held in March 2017 with Young Professional in Energy that will highlight the challenges facing the oil and gas sector. I’m also teaching high school students on best practices with running their business, called Refutea, with their profits being donated to refugees in Calgary, and with Global Shapers I’m doing research into a drug awareness or fundraising event for rehab centres in Calgary.

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