Get to Know Our Shapers

Third up, we've got Petros. Visit his Shaper profile, here.

Getting to Know Petros

Full Name: Petros Kusmu

Position/Employer: Monitor

Other community involvement: Young Diplomats of Canada

Tell us something interesting about yourself: I used to live in Eritrea – northeast Africa – for nearly 6 years when I was a teen.

Petros' Connection to Global Shapers

When did you join Global Shapers? April/May 2016

What interested in joining the shapers team? Being new to Calgary, I figured I could hit two birds with one stone by joining YYC Shapers: 1. Make new friends with folks who are fired up about making their community a better place; 2. Get the chance to give back to a city that just accepted me.

What do you hope to achieve through your involvement in Global Shapers? 1. Continually meet new folks who inspire me to do more; 2. Get the chance to kick-start a not-for-profit that I've been meaning to start for a while now.

What are the current projects you are involved in, and why? I'm not deeply tied to any one project yet, but I'm hoping to fire one up sometime in the nearby future (Jan/Feb 2017)

Petros & Calgary

What brought you to Calgary? Work and love! (I'm do management consulting with Monitor and I currently live with my girlfriend of 4 years.)

What do you appreciate most about our City? The bike lanes. They're so, so good.

Name one of the biggest issues facing Calgarians right now? It's blatantly obvious, but perhaps worth stating – these economic downturn is perhaps the biggest issue facing most Calgarians now. I'm especially worried for the kids who have their parents laid off. What happens to them and their own development? (Especially for those who hail from under-prieveleged backgrounds.)

What issue are you working to tackle in our community, or what is next on your docket? I believe the closest thing to a silver-bullet in society is a post-secondary education. How do we ensure that kids from typically under-prieveleged backgrounds (rural, aboriginal, newcomers) are well-represented in the PSE system? We know that the best indicator for someone getting an education is whether their parents have one. So what are ways we can circumvent this and target these communities? That's the next thing on my docket.

If you're interested in getting to know Petros, presenting a collaboration, or just making a new connection, get in contact with us and we'll do the rest.