Get to Know Our Shapers

Next up, we're featuring Sonika. You can view her Shaper profile, here.

Getting to Know Sonika

Full Name: Sonika Kainth 

Position: Resident Physician with Alberta Health Services

Other community involvement: Volunteer with Syrian Refugee Support Group

Tell us something interesting about yourself: I love cooking! I can make a completely dairy free chocolate torte that everyone seems to love :)

Sonika's Connection to Global Shapers

When did you join Global Shapers? Spring 2016

What interested you in joining the shapers team? I was very intrigued by the Global Shapers community and all the great work they do internationally. I learnt that there was a hub in Calgary and wanted to join to make the Global Shapers more prominent in Calgary and also to hopefully work on projects with like minded individuals in Calgary.

What are the current projects you are involved in and why? I'm involved with our mentorship project. The purpose of this project is to provide mentorship to youth in areas of community presence/ impact and employment. I'm a first child of immigrant parents and I felt that it was difficult when I was growing up to navigate the system and to know what opportunities were available to me. I'd love to mentor youth and help others navigate their future.

Sonika & the City of Calgary

What brought you to Calgary? I feel in love with the city of Calgary - it's the perfect size of City and so vivacious and diverse. I was also drawn by the Family Medicine Residency program, which I'm currently enrolled in. 

What do you appreciate the most about our City? I appreciate that Calgary is so diverse and there are so many community organizations in Calgary willing to step up for those in need.

Name one of the biggest issues facing Calgarians right now? Hmm this is a hard question for me.. I think there are many issues in Calgary but I think one is that of segregation. I feel that the city is sometimes really isolated into the quadrants.

What issue are you working to tackle in our community or what is next on your docket? I'm hoping to make the health care system more accessible to newcomers to Canada/ Calgary. We are so lucky to have many health care resources covered, but it's so hard as a newcomer to know when to go to the Emergency room and what to expect in the Emergency Room (long wait times if your issue is non urgent).. etc. I would like to be involved in a project that assists with relaying some this is vital information to help one to navigate the health system better. 

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