Get to Know Our Shapers

Every few weeks we hope to include a new feature on one of our shapers. The goal of these posts is to not only help you get to know us, but to showcase the diversity of our group and the many skills we have available to help improve our community. If there is a shaper you’re interested in meeting, either to pick their brain, present a collaboration, or just make a new connection, get in contact with us and we’ll make sure your message is forwarded along!

First up, is Vicky. You can view her Shaper profile, here.

Getting to Know Vicky

Full Name: Xiaoqi (Vicky) Wang 

Employment: Parkland Fuel Corporation (Past), PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (Present)

Other Community Involvement: Vicky is involved in Toastmasters, and is always up for volunteering for a good cause.

Tell us something interesting about yourself: I was a Taekwondo blue belt in high school.

Vicky’s Connection to Global Shapers

When did you join Global Shapers? April 2016

What made you interested in joining the shapers team? To be part of an amazing group of young people who all believe in that we can shape the world's future.

What do you hope to achieve through your involvement in Global Shapers? To learn different perspectives from a diverse group, to learn how to work with the world's future leaders, and to learn how to collaborate on projects for making the community a better place.

What are the current projects you are involved in, and why? Random Shapers - to meet other Shapers around the world. Moving forward, I am always thinking about other project ideas.

Vicky & the City of Calgary

What brought you to Calgary? The energy of the city - vibrant activities in social and business domains.

What do you appreciate most about our City? Inclusiveness. 

Name one of the biggest issues facing Calgarians right now? Economic diversification.

What issue are you working to tackle in our community, or what is next on your docket? I'm trying to influence people around me to invest more time in educating themselves about the world - engage in conversations regarding issues faced by the world, participate in events to obtain new knowledge, search for opportunities to contribute our time and expertise, etc.