I’m humbled an honoured to have represented the Calgary Hub in Geneva for the Annual Curators meeting in August. This year marked the 5th anniversary for the community. In these first five years, the global shapers community has become the preeminent global network of young people who are exceptional in their potential, achievements and drive, making a contribution to their communities. The annual curators meeting is a World Economic Forum facilitated conference in which Curators from all over the world gather in Geneva to empower widespread innovation and enable collaborative action. 

This year over 350 curators from more than 100 countries around the globe met in the Geneva with the sole purpose of learning how to be effective in the role as curator in the coming year. During the course of five intense comprehensive days, curators debated key challenges and levers for progress; engaged in skills-based learning with peers and global expert; and showcased impact work of their hubs. The conference took place at a variety of venues including the World Trade Organization, the World Economic Forum Campus, and finally United Nations Palais des Nations. 
One major takeaway from this year Annual Curator’s meeting was that global issues are becoming increasingly more complex. It appears that global efforts to solve these problems are fragmented and siloed, despite how interconnected the world has become. Numerous initiatives have been undertaken on any one topic; however each initiative seems to be compartmentalized and falls far short of its intended outcome. Throughout this conference it became increasingly transparent that it will be up to our generation to lead the way in breaking down these silos and challenging the current world models and most importantly cultivating a shared vision for change.  

Moving forward with the Calgary Hub I hope to work projects in collaboration with other regional hubs and tackle global issues in a collaborative manor. I look forward to strengthening the Canadian shaper community by increasing our countries hubs collaboration and working on National initiatives, especially in light of our countries upcoming150th anniversary. Canada’s role in the world stage and our leadership was highlighted throughout the conference and many times we were touted as a great example of how countries should be progressing. However I can’t help but feel that our country still has our own flaws, one main issue that comes to mind is the treatment of our Aboriginal communities. I look forward to working with the Canadian curators to take on our National issues and truly make Canada the example of a great nation in the eyes of the international community.

My preliminary expectation for the conference was that I would be in awe of the interworking of the World Economic Form. While this did happen, it fell short of my awe for the Global Shapers community itself. The power of the community lies within the shapers themselves. The true potential of this network is seemingly boundless, and I am excited to be a part of a group which truly aspires to shape the global agenda and truly make the world a better place for generations to come. 

Harry Chandler