Jamal Bajwa

Jamal is the current Vice-Curator of the Calgary Hub. He graduated from the Chemical Engineering program at the University of Waterloo. He currently works within Nexen Energy’s Engineering and Subsurface Analytics division, where his current focus is on developing machine learning solutions for different business units. Jamal also represents Nexen in COSIA’s artificial intelligence related initiatives and activities.

Aside from his passion for all things mathematics, Jamal is an avid reader. His library consists of ancient philosophical writings, modern advances in neuroscience and the epistemology of probability. He is a skeptical empiricist, who fundamentally refuses to reduce the complexity of contemporary society to a handful of causal forces. 

You can find Jamal reducing his ignorance through perpetual reading at local coffee shops. And on Saturdays, watching the odd soccer game at 5:45 AM.