Christopher Lloyd

Chris is a born and raised Calgarian, currently working at Spartan Controls as a Data Management Specialist and serves as President of the Oneball Charitable Cancer Organization in his “free time”. Chris loves to build things.

As a professional engineer, Chris has always been inspired by the size and scope of big industry, and trying to find solutions to make it more efficient, sustainable, and dependable. Chris has always taken a “systems” mindset when approaching problems, largely because of his work in Control Systems. His passion now is centered around unlocking the potential that big data has to offer to big industry, by leveraging the cutting-edge technologies such as machine learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Philanthropically, Chris is a two-time testicular cancer survivor, diagnosed at age 18 and 23, which is why he has been passionately involved in helping improve the lives of patients and survivors through his work with Oneball. Though his work as a Global Shaper (the youth arm of the World Economic Forum), Chris aims to bring the Calgary's Innovations to the world stage. As a GenYYC Founder with the Calgary Chamber of Commerce, Chris hopes to prepare the future leaders of Calgary by self-improvement (hard and soft skills) and by connecting them with the most pressing issues of the Calgary community - both business and social. Additionally, Chris has also been involved with building catapults for Beakerhead (best in show 2015) and multiple United Way Campaigns through Spartan Controls.

If you ever run in to Chris, you can easily get him talking by mentioning anything about technology, all things nerdy/geeky, or about building or fixing cars.